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To Room Nineteen
Collected Stories Volume One

Year First Published: 1978
First Published by:Jonathan Cape Ltd
Category:Short Stories
This Edition:British first edition

From the book jacket:

After the publication of her first book of stories, This Was The Old Chief's Country, which had exclusively African settings, much of Doris Lessing's fiction shifted to more cosmopolitan backgrounds - to France, Germany and primarily to England - where she gave expression to the ideological, political and sexual dilemmas of our society.

This superb collection, in two volumes, shows the full range of Doris Lessing's formidable capacities and will stand beside the two volumes of her Collected African Stories as a classic. It presents a study of humanity that is illuminating, always satisfying, often from angles from which we have never before dared to view it.

'The Other Woman' was first published in Lilliput; 'Through The Tunnel' in John Bull; 'The Habit of Loving', 'Pleasure', 'The Day Stalin Died', 'Wine', 'He' and 'The Eye of God in Paradise' in The Habit of Loving; 'One Off the Short List', 'A Woman on a Roof', "How I Finally Lost My Heart', 'A Man and Two Women, "A Room', 'England versus England', 'Two Potters', 'Between Men' and 'To Room Nineteen' appeared in A Man and Two Women.
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Included in this Edition:

The Habit of Loving
The Woman
Through the Tunnel
The Day Stalin Died
The Other Woman
The Eye of God in Paradise
One Off the Short List
A Woman on a Roof
How I Finally Lost My Heart
A Man and Two Women
A Room
England versus England
Two Potters
Between Men
To Room Nineteen